Bali Tours & Activities

Our tour packages provides visitors to Bali with a cross-section of activities and tours where you can explore the 'Island of the Gods' at your time and pace.

Our tours and activities have been specifically designed to appeal to guests who have an adventurous streak or alternatively those that just want to sit back, relax and take in the sights and sounds of paradise.

With a tropical landscape and unspoilt hidden gems, Bali has everything you need to stimulate your senses. Your time with us will be remembered for a lifetime and we ensure will be enjoyed by you, your friends or family.

Exclusive Driver
In the comfort of air conditioning, guests will relax and enjoy the scenery as our professional driver navigates his way around Bali. Our private service is safe and reliable for families on holidays with small children through to the more mature guest. We provide you with all necessary items such as cold towels, drinks, umbrellas and beach towels as well as sarongs out of respect, when visiting temples. More than just a typical rental service, we focus on accommodating your needs and provide a competitive fee that includes petrol costs and parking fee.

Activities and Tours
Bali is blessed with many interesting places to visit. From temples to safari park, through to unique villages that still adhere to their traditional ways. Any tour can be organised to meet your specific needs.

We also offer a diverse range of outdoor activities such as bungy jumping, cycling, elephant riding, white water rafting, cruising, diving, kayaking, surfing or sea walking and less active ones such as yoga and meditation.

Our in-villa activities that include cultural services where you can enjoy a private Balinese dance performance or alternatively an in-villa dining and spa experience. Your in-villa dining can encompass activities from a barbeque party to cooking classes or even a private romantic candle light dinner for two.

If there is a specific activity that you are interested in undertaking please advise us and we will aim to organise it for you.

Reputation: We have been in the business for 6 years and have provided countless tours and activities for visitors to the island of Bali. We have had wonderful feedback about the quality of our tours and staff. Please look at our testimonial from happy clients.

Cost: The cost is dependant on whether it is a full day or half and how many people are undertaking the tour or activity. There are different costs for entry to some activities that also have to be taken into consideration. We provide an all-inclusive cost so that you do not need to concern yourself about paying additionally for entry or activities you are planning. Our tour guide will be available to organise all this for you.

Guides: Our friendly tour guides are English speaking. They are experienced in undertaking tours and explaining customs and rituals within Bali. If you wish they can accompany you on the activity.

Schedule: We aim to please our clients and therefore work to your schedule as much as possible. Sometimes the tour or activity you have chosen may take up more time than you have allowed, therefore our guide will discuss a time schedule with you when you call.

Age range: There are many activities and tours in Bali and its surrounds that are child friendly. If an activity is too strenuous, not safe or suitable for anyone in your party, then the tour guide will communicate this to you so that decisions can be made.

Group size: Group sizes are dependant on what activity or tour you and your friends or family wish to undertake. In most cases transportation can be arranged for large groups but advance notice is required. Some activities have limited numbers so please advise how many people will be attending.

Environmental impact: We are very aware of the environmental impact on our small piece of paradise. We work closely with other associations to ensure that one treads lightly on the earth.

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