From Ms. Janice Chen

Singapore, September 2012

Length of stay: 4D3N Service was top-notch (the staff were extremely patient & helpful from the booking stage), and the rooms were comfortable enough. However, everything else was somewhat disappointing given the price we had paid. Firstly, the villa seriously needs to be fumigated. It felt like we were sharing the place with a whole swamp of mosquitoes. Despite lighting all the mosquito coils we were given & applying copious amounts of mosquito repellant, we were all viciously attacked anyway. A couple of my companions had been to Bali previously & never have they experienced mosquito attacks to this degree. Secondly, the wifi was really poor throughout our stay. This, I can assure you, is way more frustrating than not having any wifi connection. My suggestion: either revamp the system, or don't claim to provide wifi at all. That way, people's expectations will be managed. Thirdly, I have my doubts about the cleanliness of the common areas. Two of my companions broke out in rashes after their bare skin came into contact with the rug in the living room. One wonders how often it is cleaned despite them having a whole army of men to do the housekeeping. Fourth, they insisted that we had consumed some items from the mini fridge (e.g. beer) & charged us for it. We found this rather absurd, especially since we had bought our own crate of beer & had leftover, unopened bottles which we had left in the fridge. So much for that. Lastly -- and I must admit that I am nit-picking here -- their poached eggs all turned out to be like sunny side ups. My suggestion: again, if it can't be done properly, don't even list it as an option. All in all, fantastic customer service, but everything else was quite a let-down. They have serious sprucing up to do.

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